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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 13, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EST

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i didn't want about if he sees this, i have to explain. if you want great gift ideas, money tips, answer to your et tet questions and cool holiday music, logon to that wraps things up for us today. tune in to "your money" talking about something you want to hear about this holiday season, the future of your food prices. it's time to send it back down to cnn center for more of cnn saturday and the latest news with my dear friend, t.j. holmes. have a good weekend. thanks to my dear friend, stephanie elam. good morning to you all. pro-democracy activist aung san suu kyi is free. after spending 15 of the past 21 years in detention, you're going to hear reaction from myanmar and around the world to her release. also, 11 days after the
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election here in the u.s., they are still counting in alaska. but they're not just counting. they're having to use spell check as well on those ballots. and now there's a lawsuit in the mix. we'll explain the latest dram pla coming out of alaska. hello to you all. from the cnn center this is your "cnn saturday morning," 10:00 a.m. here. glad you're starting your day here. on the "cnn saturday morning," beware the next time you fly. there's pretty much a revolt going on against body scanners. pilots, flight attendants and travel groups are urging passengers to refuse those full body scanners. but that could make for long lines. we'll explain that. are you going to join in this protest? honey, the feds are at the door, could you flush that $100,000 check down the toy sflet aet?
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and stuff that 80 grand in cash in your underwear? that is what authorities say happen as they arrested a prominent d.c. area official. you'll have to hear details. also, there's this. >> all right. all right. all right! all right. unreal how beautiful that s. >> you're going to want to see this story. introducing you to a member of one of the nation's greatest generation as he visits memorials. a great story. excited to hear with you this morning. first this hour, the develop storingy we've been watching out of the several hours out of myanmar where the pro-democracy icon has been freed now after spending 15 of past 21 years under house arrest. this is aung san suu kyi, she won the nobel peace prize in 1991. she won the elections back in myanmar in 1990. but at that point the ruling
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military junta annulled the results, did not let them take place and she has been in house detention for 15 of the past 21 years. people speculated after the detention expired today, people wondered if they would follow through and release her. we got word in fact, she has been released. and she looks like she might be picking up where she left off with her push for democracy in myanmar. we're getting reaction from all over the world, including from president obama. you'll hear that in a second. hear what the dalai lama had to say about the release. >> if she's released, more welcome, very good. this is not only just freedom of one individual, but i think freedom of a lot of people in burma who really dedicate for democracy. also, i think, the government
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improve. immense benefit. >> you heard him not just freedom for one person but maybe for a lot of people there in myanmar. the white house also reacting. the president put out a statement. he's on his tour of the asian continent. but the president said, i'm quote, while the burmese regime has gone to extraordinary lengths to isolate and silence aung san suu kyi, she has continued her brave fight for democrat circumstance peace, and clang in burma. she is a hero of mine and a source of inspiration for all who work to advance basic human rights in burma and around the world. et united states welcomes her long overdue release. background on aung san suu kyi. born in the burmese capital back in june of 1945 to influential parents. she's been widowed since 1999. she has two children. and in 1991 she won the human rights prize from the european union. she spent the past two decades
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in myanmar under house arrest as the military-led government tried to suppress other pro-democracy efforts. we'll continue to keep a close eye on the story. the eyes of the world on aung san suu kyi and what's happening in myanmar. turn back to this country and security and privacy. on a collision course at the airport. critics of those new full body scanners, they take an image of you, they want to send a message to the government. november 24th, date before thanksgiving, the busiest travel day of the year they want to send the message. that day, grassroots groups want passengers to refuse scanners and choose the pat-downs. those pat-downs take a whole lot more time. and you could see a logjam at the airport security line. the pilots association calling the scanners an invasion of privacy and a long-term threat to health because of the radiation involved. the tsa says, however, they work and they're not a security threat. homeland security correspondent jeanne meserve.
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>> reporter: the tsa says, over the past year, more than 60 prohibited or illegal items have been discovered through use of full body scanners like this at u.s. airports. so this is the image. acting tsa administrator uses the simulation to show how imaging has uncovered concealed knives, razor blades and bottles of liquid, all prohibited from aircraft. >> an excellent piece of technology that will significantly improve our detection capabilities. >> reporter: not every item the machines reveal poses a security threat. >> i have a very small baggy that is a replica of some drugs that we found concealed in a sensitive part of a passenger's body. >> i can't imagine an explosive that is powerful enough in that quantity to endanger an aircraft. >> whatever the danger is, some groups like epic, the electronic privacy information center, say the government should not use these scanners. the executive director talked
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about it with john roberts on yesterday's "american morning." >> a lot of objections here. the health concerns, the privacy concerns. we're working with religious groups that think the whole thing is offensive and i think the american public has become increasingly frustrated. we can't let the tsa decide what its legal authority is. that's a decision that has to be made by a court. >> there's some question, too, mark, how effective the machines are. and could they have detected the explosive that was tried to deployed last year. >> one of the reasons we feel strongly about the need to suspend the program. we thought its and effective that it would guarantee the safety of travelers, we'd have a different view. but you see, before we filed this light, we filed another lawsuit under the freedom of information act and we actually obtained the technical specifications for devices and
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look at specifications and talked to experts and reached the same conclusion. devices are not designed to detect the powder explosive the petn, used by others. in other words, they're not even right technology to deal with the current threats. and that, i think, is one of the most important points about this program. >> meanwhile, president obama nearing the end of his ten-day asian trip. he's in japan, involved in trade talks. the president took part in a working dinner meeting with apec. earlier he met with several dignitaries and attended a retreat session. the president is encouraging apec members to work together on trade matters as well as security. the president held talks with leaders of australia and japan. following the meeting with japan's prime minister he commented on washington's close relationship with that country. >> as allies for half a century, the partnership between japan
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and the united states has been the foundation for our security and prosperity. not only for our two countries, but also for the region. >> now, a lot argued that the president started out the ten-day trip to asia on a good note, with trade deal his negotiated with india. but in the end, president obama failed to accomplish everything he set out to do on this ten-day trip to asia. paul steinhauser joining us live from washington. it's no doubt you open any newspaper, you get on any one of the websites, and a lot of people not giving rave reviews for what the president's able to bring back with him. >> you're right. he's not getting two thumbs up new york doubt about that. t.j., you mentioned off the bat the trip did start on a good note to india and indonesia. when he got to south korea, met with the g-20, he didn't get the trade agreement with south korea, thinking that was going to happen. didn't get any currency agreement with china. that was a tough one, as well. they really wanted and didn't
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get, and he kind of strong consensus among the g-20 nations on currency problems and tackling the global economic downturn. you know, in a way, batting 0 for 3 in south korea at g-20. coming back to the united states, now with all of that, one of the questions was, well, was the president weakened because of his defeat or his party's defeat in the midterm elections? dan lothian asked the president just that in korea, and the president said, no, he did not feel that way. but others back here in the u.s. will. remember, when he gets back here, i think the real topic for him will be tax cuts. that's what's going to dom nate everything when he gets home. >> a lot of back and forth lately, including from something that david axelrod said, one of the president's closest advisers, debating whether or not, and some suggested, maybe there is wiggle room with the president, compromise he could reach with republicans on the tax cuts. >> yeah, those comments from axlerod kind of started a storm back here in the u.s. the president talked about them
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at that the news conference saying we're not giving in. here's where the president and republicans don't see eye to eye. and it's over extending tax cuts for the wealthiest, american families making more than $250,000 a year. what the presidents and democrats want to do is decouple things. extend the tax cuts for most americans but separately not do it for the wealthiest americans or if you do it, just do it for a year or two. republicans they want to keep it altogether. it's kind of like all or nothing for them. they want to earth not extend tax cuts or really what they want to do is extend tax cuts for everybody, middle class, wealthiest americans. both sides not seeing eye to eye. remember, almost like a political game of chicken. lame duck congress coming back, the president coming back. they've got to get something done by the end of the year. that is when the tax cuts expire. >> we know what those two sides think. what do the american people think about the tax cuts and what should be done? >> a pew poll came out, done after the election, and we asked -- they asked just that, americans are, again, divided on
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the issue. about one-third say keep the tax cuts for everybody, middle class, but also wealthiest americans. 3 out of 10 say, no, tax cuts for lower class but not the wealthiest americans. 28% say repeal them all. we cannot afford this. the deficit is way too big. go to the next screen. an obvious thing here, but hammer it home, republicans and democrats do not see eye to eye on this issue at all. we're seeing that play out, of course, here in washington. >> we can't say it and stress this enough, lame duck session until the end of the year to get this done. what they've got two big holiday breaks in there. take a decent sized thanksgiving and christmas break, don't they in? >> they do. we'll be talking about this well into december, but that's just my guess. >> we'll continue to check in with you. here we are, 11 days after the midterm elections, still, still, undecided races out there. one you heard a lot about, but we'll get you updated on a few others dangling out there.
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a live report on the biggest one in alaska. time to say good morning to bonnie schnide. >> good morning, t.j. and those just waking up in minneapolis and looking out your window and thinking, wow, it's winter all right? little raindrops on the camera but there's snow behind that lens. looking at wind blustering to about gusts of 30 miles per hour. the temperature in the 30s. i'll talk about snow for the midwest and milder temperatures elsewhere straight ahead on "cnn saturday morning." announcer: if we all lived here
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♪ let it snow and snow and snow♪ >> this is considered a christmas song, right? >> that's right. >> the picture we're seeing here, you see it snowing, though the picture looks like it might be raining from the lens. but there's snow coming down in minneapolis. >> yeah, a picture of i-35 in the distance. it's snowy, windy, and cold in minneapolis right now, t.j.
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>> a lot of folks, it's a major hub, people will have problems. >> they are. i was looking at flight delays and right now in minneapolis arriving flights are an hour behind. that's better than i thought it would be, considering this. look what's going on. we have the temperature holding steady at freezing. winds gusting 20 miles per hour, taking it down in terms of the windchill factor the way your body interprets the temperature into the 20s. now, is it unusual to see snow in minneapolis? of course it isn't but it is early in the season. on average, we see the first snowfall between the 18th and the 21st of november. today, the 13th it is early. cold enough for the snow to stick to so looking at wet, slushy, heavy snow. be careful if you're shoveling because it's heavy. not just minneapolis. seeing snow across northern minnesota, wisconsin and in advance of the system where you have milder temperatures, not warm by any means in the 40 os,
10:18 am
heavy rain into the midwest that we're watching. in terms of accumulation, depending on where you are, you could see just below a foot of snow but most will see 5 to 8 inches especially northern minnesota. but this low is deep and strong, and it is going to bring about problems for those 0 that are traveling. a closer look at the region. you can see where we have sleet and ice mixing in where that warmer and colder air are merging together. right now the flight delays, as i mentioned, minneapolis, one hour for arriving flights. expect that to go up. rest of the country looking good. a record high in new york city yesterday, 6235 in new york city. today in the 60 in new york and boston. enjoy it while it lasts because you know this weather isn't far behind for the northeast in the next few weeks. >> just an hour, huh, might get worse with the delays? >> i think it will. snow and wind, visibility around a mile in many locations. >> bonnie, appreciate it. check in her plenty this morning. flying cars, jet packs, lasers, the year's best
10:19 am
inventions. what else makes the cut? josh levs coming up with a list next. before we go, you know we had veterans day this week. celebrations across the country in honor of that. a quiz for you. what is the oldest component of the u.s. armed forces? is it, a, u.s. army, b, the national guard, or the national cologneny militia? the answer after the break. [ host ] it's the fusion proglide challenge. whoo! how's your shave? you can feel it pulling... the -- the stubble. see how shaving can cause irritating tug and pull? [ male announcer ] that's why gillette's introducing fusion proglide. it's like it's gliding down. [ male announcer ] turns shaving into gliding. new fusion proglide.
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>> before the break, we asked what is the oldest component of the u.s. armed forces? u.s. army, national guard or the national colony militia? the answer is, b, the national guard. formed in the 17th century as the militia of the colonist in north america.
10:22 am
fought in every u.s. war since 1637. what would you think of the best inventions of the year? ranks the best of the best, and that is in today's liv levs on the lookout. >> reporter: the list is out, the 50 best inventions of 2010. it's from our partners at now, the first one they're pointing to, probably the most obvious one, the ipad. here you go. one of the folks at "time" asks, how does apple outinventing the industry? reinventing a category inventors have given up on. a list you're less likely to own, a flying car. time says it could redefine the convertible designed by a team of m.i. t. arroeronautic engine. 200,000.
10:23 am
priced less than a lamborghini. first modeled expected to be delivered next year. speaking of cool and new ways to fly, the list includes this. the martin jet pack, positions itself as the first practical jet pack. now there are inventions on here that are all about medical breakthroughs that can help people. take a look here. talk about the malaria proof mosquito and the mosquito laser and the xo skeleton, reads the intelligence to simulate a natural human walk, could help paraplegic patients. we showed it to you in the newsroom with ali velshi as a woman in a wheelchair for years tried it out. >> i never believed in my lifetime i'd be able to walk and here i am walking with you side by side, eye to eye, and it's the most beautiful thing that, you know, it just triggers emotion in me to this day. >> amazing inventions.
10:24 am
i posted a list at facebook and twitter. here's my page, joshlevs cnn. let us know if there's cool inventions that were left out of the list. i'd love to hear from you. back to you. >> coming up, a story you've got to see, and i have to explain. essentially what happened is that something that happened in a porn shop is going to now benefit a church. tell you i'll have to explain. 24 minutes after the hour.
10:25 am
25 minutes past the hour. i want to get you caught up on news pulse. this gives us the most popular stories on
10:26 am
number one on the list is the backlash that continues to grow against the tsa over these body scans. just as the nation's airports are getting ready for the busy holiday travel season now. there's pretty much a revolt right now. grassroots groups urging travelers to not fly or opt out of the full body scans and the pat-downs. these concerns prompted the homeland security secretary janet napolitano to meet with travel industry leaders on friday. of course, you can opt out of the body scans but then you have to go for the pat-down which of course, a few weeks ago the tsa changed more of a rub down and they're much more intrusive than they were before. also on news pulse this hour, the search for a 10-year-old north carolina girl is over. police believe they have found remains of zahra baker. detectives recovered baker's prosthetic leg in the same area last month. investigators say dna found on
10:27 am
one of the bones is consistent with baker's but not confirming until tests are all completed. also popular on, friends buy a winning powerball ticket at a detroit porn shop. the uptown bookstore. mike greer, he's one that claimed the $128.6 million prize for a group, that's him there, they'll get a lump sum of $70 million. the friend says they plan to give some of the money to a local church. the same time, another michigan man hit a bigger megamillion jackpot, he won $141 million. if you've got another strange story, i'll let you guess where this one's out of. buy a truck, they'll throw in a gun. we did not make this one up. also this morning two weeks after the midterm elections they're still counting votes in alaska. they're not just counting, they're spell checking.
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♪ learning to fly i ain't got wings♪ >> good morning. beautiful morning here in atlanta, georgia, home of the cnn world headquarters as you look out over downtown, looking back over into midtown atlanta. beautiful day here. clear skies. not the case in a lot of places, minneapolis in particular, is getting nasty snow, going to cause problems for folks who have to travel through minneapolis. talking more about that with bonnie schneider here with us this weekend. the big story is breaking over the past several hours is the release of the longtime political activist. this pro-democracy activist in myanmar, aung san suu kyi. she was released a few hours ago. this is a nobel peace prize laureate who spent 15 of 21
10:32 am
years under house arrest. seeing pictures here a lot of supporters right now. the military junta has had her under house arrest, like i said, 15 of the past 21 years but she was released. she has already come out and is starting to address a lot of her supporters there. keeping a close eye on that story. also, you know it's been more than a week and a half since the midterm elections. still undecided races out there. the more high-profile ones, of course, in alaska, where the republican senator and the incumbent, lisa murkowski, is battling tea party candidate joe miller. also the governor's contest still in minnesota and house races in these states still up grabs two in california and new york, one in illinois, another in texas, all those seats held by democrats but too close to call still. kentucky's sixth district race was decided yesterday when the republican andy barr conceded to
10:33 am
democratic candidate ben chandler. murkowski and miller in alaska, filled with back and forth accusations during the campaign. now post-campaign, a lot of back and forth going on. shannon travis in seattle for us now making his way back from alaska where he's been. you know, i don't know if we can call it a recount you're covering or a spelling bee. what's going on in alaska? >> it's a lot of drama is what it is. it's definitely not a recount but feels look a recount, t.j. they're not recounting anything. they're trying to finish counting outstanding ballots. but in terms of the spelling bee part what they're doing, these are write-in ballots. lisa murkowski, as you said, she ran as a write-in candidate, a republican, where you had to write in her name. so they have to physically count ballots and say, is lisa murkowski's name written in and an oval filled in next her name so that qualifies as a vote for
10:34 am
her. but there's a little bit of drama about spellings and miss spelling, should a misspelling if one letter's off qualify for her? seeing something strange, man. we're seeing perfectly spelled ballots, that have her name spelled correctly, were being challenged there in juneau, over the week. the miller camp was say, maybe there's a smudge, maybe the handwriting wasn't quite clear. we're seeing that, too. >> wait, what is the challenge? you're trying to explain if it's spelled perfectly and there's a smudge? we're getting to smudges now? >> yeah, the miller campaign, i presses them and said, what you just said what is the complaint here? some of the ballots are being spelled perfectly correctly. and again, their contention is, you know, maybe there was a smudge, maybe the handwriting was written in cursive and we didn't under stand what one letter looked like. the murkowski campaigns says this is an act of desperation from miller's side. >> we've gotten to court with
10:35 am
this, but more court challenges possibly coming? >> yeah. we've got two so far. we've got one filed in federal court where they wanted to actually kind of throw out all of the misspelled bat lo ballot being counted. another one filed yesterday in a state court where they're saying, look, we want to check the voter rolls, we want to make sure say in a certain precinct, if only a thousand people were registered to vote we don't have 2,000 votes coming out of the precinct. they filed that suit in a state court yesterday. and we could see more lawsuits coming up. i mean, this is a pitched battle. this is a senate seat, she's the incumbent, he's the upstart, he beat her in the primary, she conceded and then wrote in. it's a lot of drama. and this thing won't be wrapped up for a lot of weeks. >> last thing, shannon, tell us clearly what standard are they using, because apparently state law says it has to aleast have
10:36 am
the last name spelled out but you have state officials saying if the intent of the voter seems clear, we'll accept that. what standard are they using? >> well, that's what's frustrating the miller side so much, there isn't a clear standard. they're say, you know, follow the law, that the law says that if her name did only if her name is spelled perfectly correctly, should a vote be counted. but like you said, there's precedence in alaska elections that say, hey if a voter came in and they spelled her name with a "y" at the end as opposed to an "i" that should count for loisa murkowski. the voter intended to vote for the senator. some votes are being counted, some misspelled, some are not if it's too far off of a misspelling. there isn't a clear standard and that's what's frustrating the miller side. >> shannon travis, appreciate
10:37 am
you being on this story from the begin, making your way back. i know now just a stop in seattle. appreciate you hopping on skype for us. >> no problem. the fbi, they had to call in a plumber to help in its investigation of a maryland government official. agents say the wife of prince george's county executive jack johnson raced to find $100,000 check for an alleged kickback so she could flush it down the toilet. they also say she stuffed about $80,000 in her underwear. she was doing all of this when the agents came knocking at the door, they say. the two now, the couple, they have been charged with tampering with evidence and destruction of records. >> i'm innocence of these charges. i just can't wait for the facts to come out and when they come out, i am absolutely convinced that i'm going to be -- we will
10:38 am
be vindicated. >> jack johnson, you see there, has been the chief executive of prince george's county since 2002. auburn university, they are riding high. they have been this year. their quarterback is the front-runner by all accounts for the heisman trophy. the team, number two in the country. if they win out, they'll play for a national championship. the superstar quarterback, cam newton, being investigated by the fbi. how is the student body reacting? we will show you that thatreaction later. but first, let's me give you another u.s. military quiz. deborah sampson became the first woman to enter combat for the military. she joined the army as a man using a different name. but what war was it? was it the revolutionary war, the civil war, or the war of 1812? that answer after the break. f e♪
10:39 am
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new york city, hello at 42 after the hour. beautiful shot of what has been great weather in new york the past couple of days. bonnie schneider told me a moment ago, 65 degrees yesterday in new york this time of year. that is unheard of. but they are enjoying it now. before the break we told you that deborah sampson the first twom serve in combat for the u.s. military but what war did she serve? revolutionary war, civil warrer or war of 1812? a, revolutionary war. she was a teacher during the war but in may 1872 she disguised herself as a man and joined the
10:43 am
massachusetts light infantry company. wounded in battle but treated her own wounds so she would not be discovered. she served a year and a half before her secret discovered about she was discharged as robert shurtliff. have you ever received a holiday gift that just wasn't for you? after you say thank you, of course, what's the proper etiquette for handling this thing? do you return it? ask for cash? ask for a gift card? what about the regifting thing? we spoke to folks about their own gift getting dilemma ands what gift do they think will be most popular this season. >> i would think that an older generation probably likes to give gifts, sweaters. >> people don't usually get what i want, i like the gift card.
10:44 am
>> my mom if she would give me a gift card, easier than guess what i like and it's wrong. >> my preference, an old fashioned home made gift. i like to get things made by people. >> an uncle of mine, actual will i wish he would give me gift cards. >> i'd rather receive a gift card and i can get whatever i want. >> i would ask someone for cash, especially my cousin. >> cash to use anywhere but may be tempted to spend it for something i may not want them to spend it on. >> i wouldn't ask anybody for cash. >> sentimental people don't like the gift cards but i'm not sentimental. i like cash. >> can i have cash? >> i'll accept everything graciously. it's rude to tell people what to buy you. >> we're going to be talking, as i bring in joe carter here, but we're going to be talking over the next few weeks about etiquette when it comes to gift giving. ask for cash? >> don't ask for cash, but love it. >> don't mind it when you get
10:45 am
it. joe carter coming out of the shadows. joe with cnn sports. we've got big stuff happening in the sporting world. nothing bigger in college football than cam newton. i think, by all accounts heeshs a front-runner for the heisman. >> front-runner for the heisman and the biggest star in college football but surrounded by plaj controversy. news broke earlier last week that his father cecil is being accused of asking for big-time money from mississippi state university. now this is just after cam had finished playing junior college in texas and was basically opening his ideas to go to different schools. >> he was a big-time recruit, everybody wanted him. >> big-time recruit. the accusations being made here his father was asking for money between $100,000 and $180,000. big-time money for a student athlete. cam didn't sign with mississippi state university. he went to auburn, where since they've won ten games, they're in position to win the s.e.c., and be in position to win a
10:46 am
national title. so, big news coming out of auburn. a lot of people wondering, you know, you to be naive to think this type of thing doesn't happen in big-time college sport but was to this degree, to that amount of money is what surprised me. now auburn would face big-time punishment if he gets deemed ineligible because they can't play an ineligible player and they'd have possibly face more punishment down the line. >> but you have to keep playing him. if they go on and win a national championship, he wins the heisman, and then it's proven that some wrong doing, this wipes out an entire season, a heisman trophy and national championship. >> i agree. you have to keep playing him. this could take years for them to find the facts to this. reports keep changing every hour. a lot of rumors out there. we'll try to stick to the facts. big night in basketball. are you a basketball fan? >> are you kidding me? love what's happening in the
10:47 am
nba. everybody talking about nba because of lebron and the big three in miami. >> in miami. >> but it's good to see cool stuff. i like this kid. >> kevin love making big noise because, for the first time in a long time, somebody scored more than 30 points and pulled down more than 30 rebounds. last night he had 31 points and 31 rebounds. he said afterwards he picked up the cell phone and had 70-plus voice mails. hit the twitter sphere and the social media and internet and everybody started talking about it. the game wasn't broadcast on local tv in minneapolis. 15,000 that got a chance to watch him do this, very lucky. hasn't happened since 1982, moses malone the last person to score 30 points and 30 rebounds. >> a good part of the nucleus for a while. >> college basketball, special moment for the ucla bruins honoring legendary coach john wooden. of course, john wooden won ten national titles with ucla over a course of many years. they decided to keep his seat
10:48 am
vacant. after his coaching days were over, you could see him sitting in that seat day after day after day. they've decided since he passed this june, at 99, they're going to keep it have a can for the season. >> nice honor. the wizard. joe carter, appreciate you being with us.
10:49 am
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10:51 am
in the wake of veterans day, 80-year-old chris mauer tops the list of someone you should know. when the u.s. entered world war ii, he was only 15. but with the help of mismom, he lied his way into the army and shipped off to europe. when world war ii national memorial finally opened in 2004, he didn't think he'd be able to make the trip but found out about a program called honor flight. fli flies veterans to see the memorial for free. we followed him on the trip. >> welcome on board honor flight i. an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure have you on board with us today. >> going to see world war ii memorial and korean and vietnam and whatever they got up there. all right. all right. all right. all right.
10:52 am
it's unreal that -- how beautiful that is. i'm telling you what, that stands out from everything. >> chris. >> how about it? >> good to see you i'm fine! great. something fabulous. world war ii, i was 15. you're supposed to be 18 years old or older. i said i'm ready to go. guy says you look too young. i said my mama said i could go. he said sign here for him. and that was it. i was gone. man if this ain't fabulous. oh! that is plum beautiful. you can't fathom in your mind how many people that represents defending our country. got me flabbergasted.
10:53 am
that's where i was raised at, up there. in louisiana. it's an honor to be up here. and still be alive. i can't express no words. to describe everything. something, i take to my grave. >> after world war ii, maurer shipped off to the korean war when he was 19. he was awarded a bronze sfoor his service there. take a look at news across the country. first stop, denver, colorado. gorgonzola cheese being recalled for possible e. coli contaminati contamination. concerned with sell by dates of january 13th and 14th of 2011 distributed only to costco scores in colorado in one-pound wedges. sanford, florida, a truck dealership offering free ak-47s
10:54 am
if you buy a truck. the sales manager says customers receive $400 voucher to a local gun store. customers have to apply and qualify under state and federal laws. those who don't want a gun, you can get cash. out west in san francisco, mayor newsome vetoed a city ordinance that banned most mcdonald's happy meals with toys as a way to fight -- help fight childhood obesity. the ban likely, though, to become law anyway despite his veto. the board of supervisors passed the ordinance first time around with a veto proof majority. they have to go back and vote once again to overturn his veto but it look likes they have the votes to do it. officials expect legal challenges from mcdonald. mcdonald's declined to comment. this ordinance applies to any restaurant who includes toys in meals for children that do not meet certain nutritional standards. conan o'brien, did you know he's got a new show?
10:55 am
it's been all over the place. he's wrapping up his first week of his new show on tbs. but his return to late night, does live up to all of the hype? we'll check in on that. just ahead from the "cnn newsroom," something that i was embarrassed to admit but i did admit it and done something about it. had not been to the doctor for a checkup in more than ten years. i'll show you what i went through in trying to get you or maybe your man, ladies to get to the doctor as well.
10:56 am
(announcer) everything you need to stretch out on long trips. residence inn. enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation.
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a lot of people are talking about the show today. a lot of reactions and it's all playing out on television. take a look. >> it was great to see conan back on the zblar squirmed a lot in my seat. but, no, i didn't pass out. >> pretty gori. >> very gori. >> out of control. drunk. cursing. naked. >> impulse to turn away, but i stuck with it. >> remind immediate of barbara bush a bit. >> reminded me of my husband who is no longer alive, so i keep coming back. >> some varied perspectives. >> conan is back. people are watching his new late night show as well in his first week on the air. averaged 1.5 million


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